Fuse Construction  UPDATED 18 Jan 2004

I started work on the fuse on  26 December 2002.  I have finished the basic fuse work, canopy and am currently wiring the panel..  I not using my RV-6 jig because I was able to borrow an RV-4 jig which is quite a bit more narrow which helps a lot in the limited space of my basement.

I am finding the RV-4 fuse more difficult to build than the -6.  I am always looking for a view on the plans that I seem to never find.   There is also more parts to build from aluminum angle.  

I have reached the point where I need to take the frame apart and prime it.  I plan to color coat the cockpit pieces as I am building.  

  Fuse in jig 
fuse jig3



test fit of rudder & brake pedals

tail wheel spring







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