Canopy and Panel construction    Created 18 January 2004

I attached the canopy with screws to the frame.   The side skirts didn't fit correctly in the rear and a cut them off and added a third piece at the back.



The open canopy is supported with a folding arm which is attached to the rear of the roll bar.


For cool air while on the ground,  a support  keeps the canopy raised and locked about four inches open.



I have added Van's recommended safety latch.

The airplane will be VFR night capable.  The panel is low cost, light weight and simple.   I laid it out using Visio, plotted it on a large plotter to mark the instrument and switch positions.   The instruments are positioned  and planned for later replacement with a Dynon HSI and panel mount GPS, VOR, Comm system.

paper panel







cut panel

back of panel



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