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I sold this great aircraft in July 2008 after completing my RV-4.  Check it out here:   RV-4 Project

Here is a short video of N94KB with some rolls and loop.  Click here for the high res version (10M) and here for the 2M version.


This web site describes the building and flying of my experimental aircraft, N94KB.  This RV-6A aircraft was built in my basement from a kit designed by Richard VanGrunsven (RV) and kited by Van's Aircraft.  I started in December of 94 and performed the first test flight in July 2000 after 2500 construction hours.  This is the first full size airplane I've built  --  my RC models just keep getting bigger.

Type:                   RV-6A
Engine:              O-320 160 HP
Prop:                   Irlbeck 69 x 69 Wood
Empty Weight:  1056
Exterior Paint:  Sikkens basecoat/clearcoat
Interior Paint:   Sunfire
Interior:               D. J.

Here is the panel before recent upgrade to IFR

AK-350 encoder
ICARUS serializer
RM Micromonitor
Marker Rcvr / Audio Panel
Mid Cont Annunciator
Collins VHF-351 Com
Collins VIR-351 NAV
Collins GLS-350 Glide Slope Rcvr
Collins IND-351 CDI
NavAid Autopilot

.Here it is after IFR upgrade

Kenna, my daughter, testing before first flight.                            Daughter, Carolyn before her first flight  - 15 Dec 01

After 2550 hours of building over 5 1/2 years, I flew RV-6A N94KB on July 22, 2000.   Thanks to the Minnesota Wing members for moral support and especially thanks to Tom Berge for both technical and flight transition assistance. Tom did a pre-FAA inspection and pointed out a few items for my attention, especially adding more wire ties and RTV to prevent FWF hoses and wiring from chaffing.  John Roscoe, Albert Lea, MN DAR, inspected on July 6th.

My first flight  was 22 July 2000  with Tom Berge flying chase and Fred Hiatt as the cameraman.  It was uneventful - no falling parts, streaming fluids or smoke reported.  The left wing was slightly heavy and 1/2 ball of right rudder was required.  I logged 10 hours during the first week.

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N94KB's first trip to Lake Superior

Kenneth Beene,  Waco, Texas
email: ken@kbeene.com

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