N94KB's first trip to Lake Superior

One of my first trips after my 40 hour test period was to Lake Superior.  Fred and I went from the Twin Cities to Madeline Island (one of the Apostle Islands) which is just a few miles north of Ashland WI  We landed at the small paved strip and found the airport vacant.  It is just a couple of miles to the town where there are a few restaurants and boat rentals.   We left Madeline Island a flew along the south shore toward Duluth.  There is a small air strip at the small village of Cornucopia.  When we reached a point of about 25 miles crossing to the north shore we headed across the lake to Two Harbors.  We went along the north shore to Silver Bay passing Gooseberry Falls and the beautiful Split Rock Light House on the way.  Return was via Duluth and then direct to the Twin Cities.

Cornucopia International

Cornucopia Marina

Gooseberry Falls

Split Rock Light House on Minnesota's North Shore

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