Empennage Construction

Most of the horizontal stab was completed when I bought the kit.  The workmanship on the was fine.  I found the center hinge to be slightly off and the outer hinge brackets were mounted an inch off from the location called for on the elevator plans.  I discovered this after cutting the hinge locations out of the skins on the right stab.  After discovering the difference, I moved the elevator outer hinges to the stab locations.  The incorrect cutout area in the stab leading edge was filled by riveting in extra skin material.

Here is the unskinned stab.  This is my O-360 engine that was purchased via sealed bid from the US Department of Interior.

Finished skinning the horz stab.

Vertical Stab in the jig.

Rudder under construction

Left elevator in the jig.

The elevators are mounted on the horz stab prior to balancing.

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